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Book Review: The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder

Welcome to this book review of The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder by C.L. Miller. This cozy mystery is perfect for those who love antiques and cozy mysteries.

Quick Summary:

“Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder” by C.L. Miller is a cozy mystery novel. It follows Freya Lockwood, an antique hunter with a knack for finding rare and valuable items. She’s a little rusty in her antiquing skills since she’s just getting back into the game after the mysterious death of her former partner Arthur Crockleford. Solving the mystery of what happened to Arthur leads to a web of secrets, lies, and more murders.

As Freya delves deeper into the mystery, she must use her keen eye for detail, her knowledge of antiques and the antique hunting business. Along the way, she meets interesting characters – almost everyone isn’t they seem to be. She also faces unexpected dangers as she delves deeper into the darker world of antique hunting. The book has a charming setting in Copthorn Manor.

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Who Would Enjoy This Cozy Mystery?

“Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder” by C.L. Miller is ideal for readers who enjoy:

1. Cozy Mysteries: This book offers fun, low-violence mysteries focused on puzzles. Readers who enjoy gentle whodunits will like it.

2. Antiques and Collecting: Those who like antiques, treasure hunting, and history will find the setting and plot appealing.

3. Amateur Sleuths: Readers who like stories about amateur detectives will connect with the protagonist.

 solves crimes through wit and observation.

4. Character-Driven Stories: The book has quirky, memorable characters. They add depth and charm. This makes it a great choice for those who enjoy character-rich stories.

5. Humorous Mysteries: The mix of suspense and humor makes the book enjoyable to read. It’s for those who like mysteries with a touch of comedy.

This book is perfect for anyone looking for a fun mystery. It’s easy to read and intriguing.

Characters in Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder:

1. Freya Lockwood: The protagonist is an antique hunter. She has a sharp eye for valuable items and a knack for solving mysteries.

2. Aunt Carole: Anne’s best friend is her partner in antique hunting. She is known for her bubbly and supportive nature.

3. Arthur Crockleford: The antique dealer is charming and knowledgeable. He often gives Anne valuable insights and help.

4. Franklin Smith – Executor of Arthur’s Estate

5. Harry – Boy that works at the antique shop and Arthur’s assistant

6. Lord Metcalf – Business dealings with Arthur, owner of the house, father of Amy and Giles.

7. Giles Metcalf – Lord Metcalf’s son and brother to Amy.

8. Amy Metcalf – Gile’s sister and Lord Metcalf’s daughter.

9. Clare – Housekeeper with a secret

10. Bella – In a relationship with Giles Metcalf

11. Phil – The gardener with a secret

12. Jade – Daughter, eighteen years old and she’s away for university. Calls her mom a few times in the novel. She doesn’t add anything to the story.

13. James – Extremely annoying ex-husband. There’s a whole subplot about Freya being kicked out of her home and it being sold by James because her daughter has moved out. James calls numerous times to yell at her about the house having offers. As a reader, I felt it distracted too much from the storyline. James’ character was extremely annoying and as a reader, I felt the story didn’t need him.

I love that these characters (most of them) bring depth and intrigue to the mystery. There’s always more to each character that unfolds and things aren’t always as they seem. The reader should approach each character with the question, are they really who they say they are?

About James and Jade…

With the exception of the majority of the characters, there were only 2 that shouldn’t have been included. Let’s be real, James and Jade were unnecessary in the story. I won’t knock points here. The other 11 characters were fabulous.

The Story’s Main Prop

“For your first clue – a bird in the box is more important than two in the hand. All my love, Arthur.” 

Martin Brothers bird Antique Hunters Guide to murder book review
Image of the Martin Brothers bird from the Guardian article.

The question: What Antique would you kill for? Is on the cover of the novel. It may shock you that the author C.L. Miller chose a Martin Brothers Bird – figuratively speaking, of course.

Martin Brothers Bird is at the center of this antique cozy mystery. I love this bird. Is it ugly? Yes. Is it creepy and unsettling? Yes, and yes. For this mystery, I think this was the perfect choice. I love its strangeness and uniqueness. I’m glad the author didn’t go with jewelry or a painting. That’s too commonplace in films and media.

A creepy-bird-jar stands out against all the other antiques. When the reader finds every quality of the Metcalf family to be unsettling and this bird at the center of the mystery, it’s a prop fit for the setting.

“An image pushed its way into my mind. The only ugly stoneware bird Arthur would care about would be a Martin Brothers one, and there had been a Martin Brothers bird decades ago in Cairo.” Miller, C.L.. The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder: A Novel (Antique Hunter’s Series Book 1) (p. 42). Atria Books. Kindle Edition.

Antique Hunters Guide to Murder Martin Brothers bird
Google Search for Martin Brothers Bird

“People often misjudge the value of the Martin Brothers birds, dismissing them as grandma’s dark, creepy clay bird pots.” Miller, C.L.. The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder: A Novel (Antique Hunter’s Series Book 1) (p. 42). Atria Books. Kindle Edition.

What I Enjoyed About the Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder:

Bias alert: I enjoy visiting antique shops. I’ve been visiting antique shops with my relatives for most of my life. I have fond memories of discussing brass from India with my grandmother. Sometimes we would stay until 2 a.m. discussing antiques. I mention this to disclose my bias in reviewing this book.

as Arthur would say, “We buy an antique because we love it, love its history, its story. We want it in our home, so to hell with what the fashionistas think.” Miller, C.L.. The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder: A Novel (Antique Hunter’s Series Book 1) (p. 281). Atria Books. Kindle Edition.

Aside from this novel being about antiques, I do have other good things to say about the novel. It is a thrilling page turner. The pace was consistent throughout, with no dull moments. The characters and settings are intriguing. In the story, the antique shop and the manor estate serve as the two main settings. There are mentions of Istanbul and Cairo which remind me of Agatha Christie’s most memorable mystery settings.

What I Didn’t Enjoy About the Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder:

Parts of this book were repetitive. Each time the author hinted at the protagonist’s antiquing past, they would drop a few hints in each chapter. Then, details unfolded. Some readers may enjoy the suspense building up. Consistently being reminded, though, was not my cup of tea.The first half of the book promises action to the reader. The protagonist has a dangerous history dealing with antiques. It justifies her skilled ability in Krav Maga, a deadly Israeli martial art. This information about the character was intriguing and suspenseful enough. It did not need as many reminders as were in a few chapters. Although there are suspenseful moment such as being locked in a vault and being held at gunpoint, there is no Krav Maga action sequence.

I would have enjoyed more facts about antiques, but that’s not a negative point against the novel. I’m just a geek for antiques.

Cozy Mystery Rating:

Characters: 5 Stars

  • Characters have intriguing pasts 
  • The character’s parts unfold along with the mystery 
  • Characters are enjoyable 

Setting 5 Stars 

  • Crockleford Antiques Shop
  • Copthorn Manor Estate Valuation with the Murder Suspect 
  • Foreign Destinations: Cairo & Istanbul  

Plot 4 Stars 

  • Some points were a little repetitive
  • This book is a page turner
  • Thrilling

Pacing 4 Stars

  • Mysterious histories of characters help the pacing 
  • Chapters 28 – 52 were great but some chapters from about 12 – 27 felt stretched out
  • The end of the book offers action and captivating antique information, but patience is required.

Overall Rating: 4.5

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Cozy Mystery Summerween Books

Summerween 2024 Cozy Mystery Books

These are my cozy mystery choices for Summerween 2024. What is Summerween? Different social media platforms and blogs have different rules for what Summerween is. However, a simple explanation is that Summerween is it’s a read-a-thon challenge where you read spooky books in July.

Think of Christmas in July but with Halloween themed books instead. I will be doing a Christmas in July blog post and video for my YouTube channel, so stay tuned!

On this book list, I chose cozy mysteries that were spooky enough to fit any Halloween reading list. I excluded the many thousands of cozy mysteries that were set during Halloween. Many other lists online only feature the thriller or horror genres. This list if for the cozy mystery lovers!

Ten Dead Comedians by Fred Van Lente

The first book for my Summerween 2024 cozy mystery books list.

The inspiration for Ten Dead Comedians comes from Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”. This book is considered to be, ” a modern show-business satire.” In the story, nine comedians of varied fame are summoned to the island retreat of legendary Hollywood funnyman Dustin Walker.

The book descriptions states,

“The group includes a former late-night TV host, a washed-up improv instructor, a ridiculously wealthy “blue collar” comic, and a past-her-prime Vegas icon. All nine arrive via boat to find that every building on the island is completely deserted. Marooned without cell phone service or wifi signals, they soon find themselves being murdered one by one. But who is doing the killing, and why?”

I’m intrigued by the plot and setting. Despite having a 3.19 rating on Goodreads, readers seem to have mixed opinions about this book. The spooky island setting, catchy title, and intriguing book cover make this book first on my list. It also promises to be funny.

The description also mentions,

“Ten Dead Comedians is a marvel of literary ventriloquism, with hilarious comic monologues in the voice of every suspect. It’s also an ingeniously plotted puzzler with a twist you’ll never see coming!”

I hope this book will be as fascinating as its description.

Cozy Mystery Summerween Books

Knit of the Living Dead by Peggy Ehrhart

I love this book’s description,

“When a spooky celebration in Arborville, New Jersey conjures real scares, can Pamela and the Knit and Nibble Club sink their teeth into a bone-chilling mystery that just won’t rest in peace?”

This book is set at a Halloween parade where a woman dressed as Little Bo Peep suddenly gave a shriek of horror. The protagonists find the nursery rhyme character dead. Strands of yarn are all over the scene.

“Pamela and her best friend, Bettina, are set on pinning down who wanted the woman gone forever, but it’ll take every trick they can muster to catch the culprit without becoming the next poor souls to join Little Bo Peep’s dark, endless sleep.”

This is a Halloween-themed cozy. It has knitting tips and recipes included in the book.

Ghosts, Lore and a House by the Short by Nellie H. Steele

I am very excited to read this cozy mystery this summer. It gets a lot right just from the books cover, title, and description. For me, it checks off a lot of boxes for being a Summerween cozy mystery. Ghosts, Lore & House by the Shore is set in a small, seaside town. The novel is set around a spooky manor. The place is said to be haunted by the deceased mistress of a seaside captain that owned it propertly long ago.

Cassie is newly widowed. She and her mother move into their new home, Whispering Manor. It’s an old property with legends of ghosts and pirate treasure. Cassie discovers the journal that belonged to a woman who died there. In their home, the mother uncovers a more recent tragedy. The description states,

“They begin to wonder if the stories may be fact instead of fiction. When the strange occurrences turn dangerous, Lily and Cassie will have to investigate to save their home and possibly even their very lives!”

The Ghost and the Haunted Portrait by Cleo Coyle

This book has a lot going for it. A Rhode Island bookshop has paintings of vintage book covers. One is of a haunted or cursed painting of a crazy lady. Mysterious tragedies surround it. They hire a retired private investigator to find out what’s really going on.

A Dark and Stormy Murder by Julia Buckley

Lena London is an aspiring suspense novelist. She lands a job working as the assistant to her favorite author. She even gets to live rent-free in her lakefront Victorian home in the quaint town of Blue Lake, Indiana. When attending a writers’ event, Writer’s Apprentice, she lands in the middle of a real crime. She finds a body.

Here’s a quote from the book’s description:

“Now Lena must take a page out of one of Camilla’s books to hunt down clues in a real crime that seems to be connected to the novelist’s mysterious estate—before the killer writes them both out of the story for good…”

The Haunting of Blackwood Manor

by Vincent Valentian

This is book 88 in the series. I’m not 100% certain that this book is a cozy mystery. Goodreads has classified it as a horror novel, even though it originates from a mystery series. Other sources do tag this novel as a cozy mystery.

Based on my reading of the description, it’s possible that it’s a cozy mystery. It’s set in a tight-knit community. It’s in a spooky manor. I’m uncertain whether the protagonists need to solve a mystery or if their new home is just mysterious. Do secrets about the old property unravel on their own? Or must the main characters unravel them?

Cozy Mystery Summerween Books
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Thank you for checking out my list for Cozy Mystery Summerween Books. I hope you enjoyed the spooky aesthetic of the covers and darker themes.

Are you on Good Reads? See my review here and follow me on Good Reads for more cozy mystery reviews. Are you looking for more summer cozy mysteries? Check out these new releases for July 2024.




4th of July Cozy Mysteries

Fourth of July Cozy Mysteries 2024

Are you looking for some patriotic sleuthing? Here are some Fourth of July-themed cozy mysteries for 2024.

How should we celebrate this Fourth of July? Some may celebrate by grilling hot dogs, hosting cookouts, and watching fireworks. I prefer to take a cozier approach. How about solving murders by the pool under the red, white, and blue glowing fireworks? If cozy-sleuthing sounds like a better alternative, I’ve got five book suggestions if you’d like to join me in having a cozy American holiday.

Fourth of July Forgery by Tonya Kappes

This book is the sixth book in the Holiday Cozy Mystery Series by Toyna Kappes. On Goodreads it has a good rating at 4.37 with 481 ratings and reviews.

The book, Fourth of July Forgery, promises to be a thrilling mystery with a final twist. The book description states, “As the Fourth of July festivities kick off in the quaint town of Holiday Junction, a body washed up on the beach, murdered in cold blood.”

The sleuth in this novel is a journalist named Violet Rhinehammer. She sets out to find the next big story and learning about the victim. Quote,

“As the investigation begins, Violet finds herself unraveling a web of deceit and uncovering dark secrets hidden behind the town’s idyllic facade. With suspects as numerous as fireworks in the sky, Violet must navigate a dangerous path to uncover the truth, all while celebrating the most American of holidays.”

The sleuth must find the murderer before the party ends. If the mystery is not solved, the murderer will strike again, killing another innocent person.

Dead, White, and Blue by Carolyn Hart

This book is a part of the Death on Demand series by Carolyn G. Hart. It is book #23 in the series. It has a 3.75 rating on Goodreads and has 1,156 ratings as of this blog post. This book was first published in the late spring of 2013. This book has a very cozy setting. Set on an island in the summer, there’s a mystery bookstore called, “Death on Demand” where tourists shop.

There are two mysterious disappearances that take place right before the Fourth of July. I love this quote from the book’s description on Goodreads,

“The residents of Broward’s Rock grow uneasy when a second islander mysteriously disappears. Annie and her husband, Max, know something dangerous is brewing. They soon find themselves following a twisted trail marked by blackmail, betrayal, and adultery, winding from the corridors of the island’s lovely inn to a pier lashed by pelting rain, to a gathering on the terrace of a country club where a trap is set for a calculating killer…”

Star Spangled Murder by Leslie Meier

This book is a part of A Lucy Stone Mystery series. It is book #11 out of 30 in the series. It has a 3.9 rating on Goodreads.

In this series the slueth is a reporter named Lucy Stone and these books are set in the fictional seaside village of Tinker’s Cove, Maine.

Here is a quote from the book description on Goodreads,

“Tinker’s Cove is full of suspects, but none with so personal a motive as the Stones. Their feud with Mrs. Pratt has put them at risk of losing their freedom this Independence Day–unless Lucy can start things off with a bang by catching a red, white and blue killer. . .”

A Catered Fourth of July (A Mystery With Recipes) by Isis Crawford

This book is #10 in the cozy mystery series, A Mystery with Recipes by Isis Crawford. It has a 3.52 rating on Good reads and was first published on 2014. This book is set in Longley, New York on the Fourth of July. Sisters Bernie and Libby are catering during a reenactment of a historic battle. After the muskets are fired during the reenactment, one death looks a little too realistic. This setting is my favorite on this list.

Here is a quote from the description on Goodreads,

“Bernie and Libby have their plates overloaded with suspects, and will need to work very fast to clear Marvin’s name. The simmering killer is still out there, armed and taking shots, and unless the sisters quickly get to the bottom of this patriotic pre-meditation. . .their goose may be cooked!”

Jealousy Filled Donuts (A Deputy Donut Mystery) by Ginger Bolton

I’ve saved the best book description for last. This is the book I am most excited to read on Fourth of July 2024. The first 52 minutes of the audiobook is available on YouTube thanks to Google Play Book’s channels’ audiobook previews. This book is book #3 from A Deputy Donut Mystery series by Ginger Bolton. It has a 4.09 rating on Goodreads. It was first published in 2019.

This story is set during Fourth of July picnic. The main characters, ametuer slueths, and owners of teh Deputy Donut Cafe are put into a ‘sticky’ stituation involving a mysterious and messy murder.

Here’s a quote from the book’s description on Goodreads,

“So when Fallingbrook needs donuts for their Fourth of July picnic, Emily’s shop gets deputized. But a twisted killer has found another use for Emily’s treats. At the picnic, a firecracker is hidden in a stack of raspberry-filled donuts and aimed at the unwitting queen of the festivities. When it explodes, she is killed. Having her jelly donuts involved puts Emily in a sticky situation, and when a shady shutterbug tries to frame her with incriminating photos, she finds herself in quite a jam.”

Hope you enjoyed this Fourth of July Cozy Mysteries 2024 recommendation list.

Are you on Good Reads? See my review here and follow me on Good Reads for more cozy mystery reviews. Are you looking for more summer cozy mysteries? Check out these new releases for July 2024.



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July 2024 New Cozy Mysteries Blog Post

July 2024 New Cozy Mystery Releases

Here are the new cozy mystery releases for the month of July 2024.

Are you looking for a cozy summer read? I’m more than excited to see what’s in store for this summer. I am currently binging the Shady Hollow Mysteries series. On this list, I am highlighting the books that I am most excited about this summer. I’ve included books of different themes on this list. They range from historical fiction to woodland creatures to Chinese noodles. And finally, more traditional summer-themed cozies. Who doesn’t love solving a murder on the beach? I know I can’t wait to sit on the sand and read a cozy mystery.

Death on the Tiber by Tindsey Davis

July 23, 2024

This is the twelfth book in the Flavia Albia Series.

This is a quote from the book’s description:

“In first century Rome, a murder victim found in the Tiber leads to a brutal gang war and Flavia Albia to a confrontation with her long-hated nemesis, with all that she loves in the balance.”

Summers End by Juneau Black

Jul 09, 2024

This is book five in the Shady Hollow Series. I just finished the third Shady Hollow Mystery, Mirror Lake. I am hooked on this series. I’ll be publishing a full book review very soon!

Here is a quote from the description:

“It’s late August in Shady Hollow, and intrepid reporter Vera Vixen agrees to chaperone the school’s annual field trip to Summers End, an ancient tomb… But when the group enters the tomb one morning, they find a corpse that is distinctly more. . . modern than expected.”

Peking Duck and Cover: A Noodle Shop Mystery

July 23, 2024

Who wants to join me in late July for noodles and a book review? I have to say, I’ve never read a noodle-themed cozy mystery, and I’m excited for this book.

Here a quote from the book’s description:

“Lana Lee and friends return for a fiery Chinese New Year celebration that rattles their quaint community. After all, an Asia Village party wouldn’t be complete without an explosive finale.”

Murder on the Devil’s Pond by Ayla Rose

Jul 09, 2024

This book is a part of the A Hummingbird Hollow B&B Mystery.

Quote from the book’s description:

“A quaint Vermont inn offers idyllic peace–until a body is found on the property–in this charming series debut, perfect for fans of Ellen Byron and Ellery Adams.”


Summer Vibes by Daisy Landish

July 9, 2024

This is a summer, cozy mystery with a magical twist. Surely an interesting read to bring along on a beach trip for readers who like summer, mysteries, and magic.

Quote from the book’s description:

“As the Summer Solstice approaches, Harper Nightshade senses a disquieting energy in the air of Moonhaven. The town’s festive spirits are dampened when a midsummer party ends in a shocking disappearance.”

Magnolia Bay Mystery A Masked Murder by Fiana Grace

July 12, 2024

This is one of my favorite book covers on this list. It gives a spooky, coastal vibe and I am all here for it.

Here is a quote from the book’s description:

“When murder occurs at Magnolia Bay’s masquerade ball, Autumn Ray finds herself following the trail of a masked murderer who has turned the celebration into a sinister labyrinth. Can she unmask the killer before the final dance?”

Puzzle Me A Murder by Roz Noonan

July 23, 2024

This book is a puzzle themed cozy mystery. It is part of the Alice Pepper Lonely Hearts and Puzzle Club Mystery series.

Here is a quote from the book’s description:

“Empathetic to a fault, librarian Alice Pepper always had a natural talent for figuring out people and puzzles in the small Oregon town of West Hazel. But as a mystery permeates the quiet Pacific Northwestern community, murder is a challenge she’s not prepared to solve . . .”

Are you on Good Reads? If you enjoyed this list be sure to check out my profile for more cozy mystery recommendations and reviews.



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Mirror Lake Book Review (940 x 731 px) Correct Size (1300 x 731 px)

Book Review: Mirror Lake A Shady Hollow Mystery by Juneau Black

Short Fiction Novel summary and Cozy Mystery book review for Mirror Lake A Shady Hollow Mystery by Juneau Black

Quick Summary:

Brambly Hedge meets Agatha Christie in this cozy mystery with woodland creatures for characters. This cozy mystery series features no human characters, and I love it.

Juneau Black’s “Mirror Lake,” a Shady Hollow Mystery, takes place at Mirror Lake in the fictional town of Shady Hollow. The story’s mystery is about Mirror Lake. The fictional lake is a backdrop setting, with calm and reflective waters.

Vera remembered the day she walked to the shore of Mirror Lake and saw a rat fishing from the pier. She recalled how he’d waved to her with his upside-down reflection mimicking the move. “It was a wild idea—a secret twin who managed to erase his existence until his moment of revenge. But consider the facts: Dorothy insisted her husband was dead, and yet we all saw a figure who looked exactly like Edward. It was either magic or twins. And I don’t believe in magic! It’s impossible.” Black, Juneau. Mirror Lake (A Shady Hollow Mystery) (p. 190). Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Shady Hollow’s setting suggests a small, close-knit community. Secrets and histories intertwine, adding layers to the unfolding story.

Who Should Read Mirror Lake:

If you’re interested in a cozy that has woodland creatures instead of people. The entire time it reminded me of the children’s book series: Brambly Hedge. I found it to be a nostalgic and charming setting. It was like woodland-themed children’s books with a cozy mystery twist. You solve the mystery with the small-town reporter, fox, and sleuth, Vera Vixen.

What I Enjoyed About Mirror Lake:

I liked several aspects of Mirror Lake. My favorites were the many mysteries woven into one mystery. The main mystery is about a mouse named Edward. Dorothy believes that someone killed her actual husband. She thinks the man who looks identical to Edward is an imposter.

Let’s Talk About The Book’s Cover Real Quick

It’s okay to judge a book by its cover – sometimes. The cover of this book is charming and aesthetic. It doesn’t oversell the book’s contents. The cover is a stunning work of art and perfectly complements the story’s settings.

What I Didn’t Like About Mirror Lake:

Beware romance novel fans! This critique of Mirror Lake may be upsetting to some readers.

The characters Orville and Vera are dating, but the chemistry between them is dull. This is a cozy mystery, not a romance, but I figured it may be worth noting. I’m not a fan of romance novels. But, even I found the chemistry between the main protagonist and her supporting character was too professional.

We see Vera’s interest in her relationship. But her boyfriend Orville was too busy with his job to show any interest in their relationship. This is important to mention for several reasons. The main protagonist, Vera, is working throughout the book to support Orville in his campaign, keep her job as a reporter, and maintain her relationship. She is also solving the murder, which should be top priority for the police force, but of course, this is a mystery, so the sleuth is always more capable. On top of all that, she is also traveling and turning down another character’s advances. That’s a lot for the main protagonist to juggle while her partner doesn’t seem to reciprocate her feelings.

My Ratings for the Book:

Characters – 10/10

  • Story follows an investigative journalist, a fox named Vera Vixen.

  • All the characters are woodland creatures.

  • Characters were a bit cliché, but very enjoyable to read.

Settings – 7/10

  • There’s a bookstore called Nevermore Books.

  • It’s set in a small town.

  • Lost -3 points: Settings weren’t descriptive in most parts of the story. The beginning of the novel is very cozy and descriptive but some parts just jumped over the setting. However, not being too descriptive did help the pacing of the story.

Plot – 8/10

  • The main mystery of the novel is engaging.

  • There are smaller mysteries tied to the main mystery.

  • The ending is satisfying. Just when you thought the story is over there was still a little more action to cover.

Pacing 10/10

  • Fantastic pacing – there’s never a dull moment.

  • The main protagonist and sleuth is always on the move.

  • There are only two slower paces in the book. Both work to make Mirror Lake seem tranquil.

Overall Rating: 8.75 out of 10

Are you on Good Reads? See my review here and follow me on Good Reads for more cozy mystery reviews. If you enjoyed this book review be check out my blog for more.